Environmental Policy


Our Commitment to the Environment

DarenthMJS are fully committed to protecting the natural environment and preserving our planet’s precious resources. As a UK based company, uniquely manufacturing over 95% of its own component parts in-house, logistics paths are minimised and energy is conserved.

We were instrumental in the formation of the c10c industry collective scheme, which provides a seamless solution for collection, recycling and disposal of end-of-life equipment, thereby ensuring full compliance with the European WEEE directive.

We only buy our energy from suppliers who are able to demonstrate their own commitment to protecting the natural environment.

Raw materials are recycled within our facility wherever possible, with absolutely zero plastic or metal scrap being sent to waste.

We are industry renowned innovators of new technology and were one of the first manufacturers ever to pioneer energy efficient LED lighting as an alternative to the traditional fluorescent tube, thereby reducing electricity consumption by up to 85% and totally eliminating toxic materials such as mercury in our machines.

The residual heat from our injection moulding, vacuum forming, hydraulic and compressed air systems is used to heat our factory, with any top-up required primarily coming from energy efficient heat-pumps.

We are proud recipients of the prestigious ‘Green Road Environmental Champion’ award, which recognises our efforts to protect the environment.

We pledge to continue innovating to produce more energy efficient machines and products and will continually strive to reduce our environmental footprint.